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All Coming Together

We just guided a rock star of the New Hampshire hiking community. Specifically Redline Guide Chase Hall did. The rockstar was a guest who is creatively getting to the end of not one but three lists — not including her finish of the RMC-100 list which was completed on this trip, as was The Northern Peaks and the Great Gulf tab of the red-lining spreadsheet. Today, of course, several trails in the Northern Presidentials were completed: The Link, Emerald, Israel Ridge, and more.

For our guest, only one tab of that spreadsheet now remains: Northern New Hampshire. Specifically, she needs the .4 mile summit spur up North Percy Peak. Upon reaching it not only will she have hiked or traced all the trails described in the White Mountain Guidebook, but at that shining moment she will have also competed the Terrifying 25 and the 52 With A View. What a grand moment that will be. So glad we were able to contribute to this epic. Congratulations to our guest!

Before we check out the photos, Chase added some thoughts.

The Link Trail blew away my expectations. It was a really fun trail to explore. Never judge a book by its cover because you might fall in love with the ending. I love my job. I get to hike the White Mountains I get to help people hike, I get to help hikers of all ages get outdoors and hike. I loved today’s guest because she is .4 miles away from completing three hiking goals one more hiking day left to complete her mission of Red-lining, hiking The terrifying 25 list, and completing her 52 With a View. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! —Chase


Nice lead, Chase. And to our amazing guest… WOW! Plus bonus points for the creative finish! Thanks for letting us help!

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