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A Little Scar

The other day, maybe last week, Redline Guide Pat Ferland went on a little hike on his day off taking on one of the New England Hundred Highest, for fun it might seem to the casual observer. But we knew he was on a reconnaissance mission knowing a paid gig for finding the same objective was right around the corner. He hadn’t been up that one, wanted to, but being the professional that he is now needed to. In fairness to our guest. So you’re asking, what’s the objective? Well, a hint’s in the title: Scar Ridge (3780′). They got there by first hiking up Loon Mountain (a site for many of the weddings we do). After that… well, it’s a bushwhack. Still legit. Some photos might help with the details.

Great job, team! Pat for doing what it takes, and to our guest for getting it done (and calling us first)!

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