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Pine Mtn is Just Right

One of the new 52 With A View peaks is Pine Mountain in Gorham and we thought it would be just right. The reason was our guest, while an experienced hiker, was uncomfortable on exposed ledges and slabs, but does like to scramble a bit and is strong. She wanted to sort of push the edges of her comfort zone, but only going up. She was not into going down the same steeps. We figured Pine Mountain would be perfect. Take Ledges Trail up, push those limits, then take the more mellow road walk back saving the knees as well and limiting any danger and its associated anxiety. The hike, while awesome and actually well-suited, ended up being a little short, however, due to a different parking spot being used as well as foregoing Chapel Rock thanks for some trail work. That’s okay. Our guest plans to return — hoping to be paired with Redline Guide Deb Dunn again — and we will make sure we give her a lot more bang for her buck to make up for it.

The trail’s good, tough enough. But she’ll want more later.

Upper slabs are providing an awesome view both near and far.

Nice day for it šŸ™‚

Good lead, Deb, and well done team. Next time we’ll make it even better. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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