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Monthly Archives: August 2020

She Went With Jared

Different spelling and with a twist, but we had go there when choosing a title for this happy post. A couple came to us looking for an accessible wedding location. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim made several suggestions, one of which was Cathedral Ledge. Only one problem: it’s closed to vehicular traffic and the bride and groom and their families certainly didn’t want to […]

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Showing Off Pine Mtn

A New England family came to us looking for a 3-4 hour half day hike that was just right… meaning not too easy, and not too hard — a Goldilocks hike. Views were also requested, but they didn’t want to try out one of the common, often crowded peaks (can’t blame them). They wanted something special. These criteria are fairly typical so this was easy. We […]

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One Way Washington

We were asked: Is it possible to hike up Mt Washington and take the Cog Railway down? Yes. A round trip ticket is needed to assure the train will be available, but this is certainly an option. And it’s not a bad one. Naturally the team ascended from the west side of the mountain taking the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail option, then hitting Crawford Path the rest […]

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Storm Campers’ Backpack

Four days, three nights, and let’s throw in one tropical storm — Isaias — because we want to be unique. This was the situation with a backpack led by Redline Guide Nico Dubois. (Yep, he was at it again.) This time our group, four buddies looking for adventure, wanted to get out and do something different. Something exciting. They actually had an adventure lined up, but […]

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A Mud Pond Wedding

“Redlining” the White Mountain Guide — meaning to hike all of the trails described in said tome — has offered the valued gift of insight. Insight to the trails, where they go, and what they’re like. This insight led to a wedding venue suggestion located on the obscure your-GPS-can’t-help-you-now side of the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Specifically, there one will find short sixth-tenths […]

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