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Arlette on the Re-Bond

It seems like Redline Guide Arlette Laan was just there, guiding on the Bonds, moose and squirrel nodding their hellos upon seeing her again. And so soon. This time she was leading one woman who wanted these amazing and remote 4000-footers for her list — naturally adding Zealand. The plan was to bag North and South Twin, then head toward the Guyot tent site to settle in before heading to West Bond for dinner. Everything was on track, so far so good, right on through dinner. An excellent backpacking experience.

The challenges to the plan began the following morning. First of all, our guest didn’t get as good a night of sleep as she had hoped for — it was her first backpack, after all. It was really warm. Perhaps too warm. Second of all, day one was a biggie. It took its toll. The desire to push to bag two more mountains that were completely enshrouded by clouds at the time just wasn’t there. She was about to throw in the towel, for now (thinking it’s best to save something for the exit for safety). Maybe it was the third thing that sunk it.

Owner Mike Cherim put together a coffee kit for our guest’s morning ritual. Complete with a quantity of non-dairy creamer and sugar. Or so he thought. As it turns out, the salt and sugar shouldn’t share the same kitchen counter. Especially being they are in similar bowls. See where this is headed, right? She tasted the coffee and it was gross. Maybe it’s a special sodium rich “electrolyte creamer,” she wondered. Arlette offered that maybe it was one of those exotic coffees. Nope, just really gross salty coffee. Thankfully Arlette had a spare tea bag for our guest. Mike did call to say he was sorry. She thankfully took it in stride, but he owes her big time!

Mike’s gaff aside and not yet getting Bond and Bondcliff, the trip was very full, very satisfying, and fun. Check out these photos:

Starting out. Let’s do this.

This bunchberry-lined trail is like this the entire length of this photo. That’s what it’s like Hiking in the Whites.

North Twin Mountain is done.

Then after some effort, South Twin also happened. Most folks go home after this.

Our team keeps going, headed to Mt Guyot.

They make it to the tent site and settle in… for a bit.

One more mountain… today. They do the West Bond thing.

The following morning: They are socked in at first.

But the day begins to clear.

Dropping off of Guyot’s false summit and soon onto the real one.

Looking elated on Zealand. That’s five mountains, and Guyot was twice.

Putting the Zzzzs in Zeacliff.

The exit out of Zealand is so tranquil.

Well done on a lot of hiking in a short period of time. With a heavy pack!

Great lead, Arlette. And great job getting a ton done. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding. Please forgive Mike C. He’s new here.

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