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Shoe Help… Forever

Rebekah and Jeffery — Married August 28th, 2020

You will see a theme among many of these photos. In many of the scenes you will notice a man, the groom, helping a woman, the bride, deal with her footwear. Not just once, but you’ll see this recur four times throughout this short time together. Why is this so significant? Well, it did strike us as quite humorous, we have to admit. All parties indeed chuckled about it saying the bride “got herself a shoe helper for the rest of her life.” There’s so much more to it than that, though.

Humor aside, what we’re really seeing in these scenes is an undying affection on display by way of this seemingly insignificant act. To be there, to literally support her, to be her pillar, and likewise she to be there for him whenever the tables will turn. This is love. No fancy expensive things to speak of this, but rather a simple act of caring.

They told Mike they were really happy to have chosen him to be their wedding officiant. “The other guys,” they said, “were too stuffy.” Like music to our ears. Different is okay. They, too, were different, keeping it real. The most real part of it was the spark between the bride and groom. Thank you for letting us make your special day even more special.

Thanks to the park’s access road closure, this is a great year to get married on Cathedral Ledge.

The south end overlooking Whitehorse Ledge is a popular spot.

To access the next step down, the bride removed her shoes with the groom’s help.

The happy couple… now married.

You may kiss.

Touring around up there getting more photos.

Aside from these photos taken by Mike Cherim, Redline Guide Mike Maciel was also up there to take photos.

Let me be there for you.

They surveyed their kingdom.

No, not the flowers (they took them home). Fun photo, though.

Spotlight on the rings.


They start down, he still holding her shoes.

Congratulations Rebekah and Jeffrey… may you always hold each other’s shoes. Or better, each other’s heart.

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