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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Cannon Mountain Wedding

I can feel it, much like the wind, this blows me away. Cannon Mountain (elv. 4100′) is a New Hampshire “4000-footer” so it’s popular with hikers. It’s also a famed ski area so skiers likewise appreciate it. Do you know who else likes it? If you guessed young couples in love, you’d be right. They dig it because they can get married up there in the […]

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Jungle Warfare

As imperfect human beings we learn as we go. We make mistakes, adjust, correct, then carry on. Here at Redline Guiding we strive to provide exceptional outdoor adventures and in-depth wilderness education. We strive for perfection, even if that means that perfection will be defined differently by different people. When a recent private group told us they wanted compete immersion into the true wilderness — at […]

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Advanced Women’s Backpack

Exciting news, especially for Redline Guide Arlette Laan‘s former student-participants: We are super pleased to offer a more advanced, longer duration — 3 days, 2 nights — educational backpacking adventure for women only. We’re pleased to introduce our very first “Advanced Camp Like a Champ” women’s-only backpacking event. The Details This event is being led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. If you don’t know of Arlette […]

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Crossing Rivers Safely

The title of this post is the premise of our River Crossing Skills course and we ran our first one of the season this past weekend. Thankfully we had great weather, nice water conditions, and the bugs along the river weren’t too terrible. We aren’t always blessed. We run this course any time and sometimes it’s not ideal — because we cross rivers year ’round — […]

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Backpacking Season Begins

It started this past weekend with the first of two women’s-only backpacks led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. On this trip Arlette decided to take our returning guest into the Wild River Wilderness so as to provide a very authentic wilderness experience. As the Gilligan’s Island theme song went… No phone, no lights, no motor car not a single luxury like Robinson Crusoe, it’s primitive as […]

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We Gave Something Back

From the White Mountain National Forest we find pleasure and business, and for the White Mountain National Forest we give back by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. This is why we didn’t hesitate in the slightest when deciding to repeat last year’s successful Trails Day by hosting and organizing a Second Annual Event. That’s what we were up to on Sunday, June 23rd, […]

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More Vose Spur

A reliable hiking buddy is an awesome thing to have, and it is something we provide. Particularly for hikers working on their New England Hundred Highest and other lists. Scar Ridge, Peak Above the Nubble, the Rangley Six Pack, these and others have come up before. This time it’s the 3862′ Vose Spur again. A quick blog search shows how popular it is. With us this […]

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Order a Redline Buff

A while back we asked our supporters, friends, and followers on Facebook and Instagram what color Sunshield (Buff like thing) we should purchase, red or gray. About seventy percent chose red while the remainder selected gray. Thanks for your vote! We used these numbers when ordering stock and are happy to announce that they’re finally in and that you can get yours today! These one-size-fits-all essential […]

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Crushing NE Peaks

Some of our guests rarely hike, really venturing quite far beyond their daily norms when they hike a mountain with us. Especially one like our grandest 4000-footer: the 6288-foot Mt Washington. Other guests, however, are strong hikers in of themselves. That was certainly the case on this most recent trip according to Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. Our recent guest, from Oklahoma, was a very strong hiker, […]

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Mt Washington FAQs

Mount Washington, elv. 6288′ (1917m), located in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF a.k.a. “The Whites”) in New Hampshire, is the crowing jewel of the Northeast. It is noted for being the tallest mountain in that region, and it’s the most prominent peak east of the Mississippi River. Mt Washington is also one of the state’s “4000-Footers” topping that list, of course. Many activities occur on […]

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Father-Son Backpack

When they leave the house, when the nest empties — sometimes to move off and finish school on the other side of the country — a lot of parents quickly start to miss their kids. To many it suddenly feels like their children’s growing up went by way too fast. Often times the realization hits too late, but other times parents know to savor those last […]

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Team in Training Hike

This past weekend we provided leadership to an important Team In Training event raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). We found ourselves doing this thanks to North Ridge Mountain Guides (NRMG) who sought us out for leadership assistance. (Mike and the owner there, Jamie, used to guide together and are friends.) The leadership provided came from Redline Guides Ken Hodges, Jeffrey Shutak, and […]

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