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We Gave Something Back

This small crew did big things. Absent from photo are Bailey (photographer), and Redline Guides Ken Hodges and Mike Cherim.

From the White Mountain National Forest we find pleasure and business, and for the White Mountain National Forest we give back by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. This is why we didn’t hesitate in the slightest when deciding to repeat last year’s successful Trails Day by hosting and organizing a Second Annual Event. That’s what we were up to on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019. We were taking out the middleman. Nobody was going to take their cut. The Forest wins.

The project is determined by the US Forest Service’s Saco Ranger Station, and this year’s USFS supervisor, “Bailey,” had something special for us — something cool, interesting, and quite unique: Specifically, our task for the day was to hike via the Upper Nanamcomuck Ski Trail to the Swift River at the site of a long-fallen bridge — another Hurricane Irene remnant — and to dismantle what was left and get said remains to the road side of the river. This work challenged us but at the end of the day all non-rail remnants were moved (the rail remnants are over 50 years old and considered artifacts). When complete, we worked together “brushing out” or clearing the first section of trail as we made our exit. It really needed it.

First, We’d Really Like to Give Thanks to…

Now, Check Out Some of the Photos of the Day

After a safety briefing we hung out for about a half hour waiting to no-shows to not show.

We begin here by Lily Pond on the Kancamaugus Highway (Rte 112).

The pile of debris is significant. Good thing we are a team.

The man is a beast hauling this telephone pole across some rickety bridges we constructied for the deconstruction.

We also used a grip hoist to drag timbers across the river.

Setting up for the next drag.

Tying one on, so to speak.

The fruits of our labor.

Another look at Lily Pond. From here some of us end up at Tuckerman Brewing for a free “thank you beer” for each!

Thank you all again for helping us give back to the Forest and those who use it.

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