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Crushing NE Peaks

Some of our guests rarely hike, really venturing quite far beyond their daily norms when they hike a mountain with us. Especially one like our grandest 4000-footer: the 6288-foot Mt Washington. Other guests, however, are strong hikers in of themselves. That was certainly the case on this most recent trip according to Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. Our recent guest, from Oklahoma, was a very strong hiker, and we don’t mean that in a relative since. This guest had just hiked Katahdin, four Acadia peaks, and Washington with us (immediately followed by the 2800′ Mt Willard). And this is what she’s done. For her privacy, we won’t say what she has coming up, but we will say that she has a respectable itinerary planned for the immediate future which includes more mountains and a marathon (she even runs ultra marathons). And that’s just this week!

Check out these photos of their hike, courtesy of Jeffrey.

Quick stop at the Gem Pool.

This is where having a guide gives you the advantage. Most people stroll right by The Gorge not knowing it’s there.

This blowdown now obscures the way to the Gorge even more.

Approaching the alpine zone.

On the final approach, now well into the desolate but gorgeous alpine zone. The peak in the background is Mt Monroe.

Made it! The top of the Northeast.

Noteworthy summit, Jeffrey’s 78th on Mount Washington.

Before descending via the Cog (R.O.W., on foot), someone grabbed this photo. Excellent job, team!

Fine lead, Jeffrey. Congratulations on the summit, both. And thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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