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Cannon Mountain Wedding

The bride and groom, now husband and wife. Photo by Álvaro.

I can feel it, much like the wind, this blows me away.

Cannon Mountain (elv. 4100′) is a New Hampshire “4000-footer” so it’s popular with hikers. It’s also a famed ski area so skiers likewise appreciate it. Do you know who else likes it? If you guessed young couples in love, you’d be right. They dig it because they can get married up there in the clouds or amid stunning views, and in the company of the non-hikers close to them. That’s right, thanks to the tram, pretty much anyone can reach the summit of this fine little mountain. This makes it perfect for weddings. And, as was proven today, it’s also perfect for “perfect weddings.”

Jen and Mike — Married June 29th, 2019.

This wedding, like many our Justice of the Peace and owner Mike Cherim performs, was for folks in the hiking community. Redline Guide Álvaro Marques was also present as both friend to the bride and groom, and as the official wedding photographer. While we love all weddings — we being either “hiker trash,” “dirtbag climbers,” or a bit of both — love hiker community weddings the best. First of all, they’re usually on a mountain! Cannon counts. Being as accessible as it is meant it counted for everyone.

What follows are a few photos of their day atop the mountain, this batch taken by Mike (unless marked otherwise). Other photos of their hike up have already circulated on social media. Look for them, comment with love. Give a heart. As you will see in some images the clouds offered a visual treat, granting variety and drama, but not offering obscurity… yet. Not until the actual ceremony. It was then the clouds closed in around us like children huddled together around the campfire eager for story time. The focus could not extend beyond the bride and groom. Nature cast a spotlight on them excluding the rest of the world. This moment was all theirs. Love was in the air. I can feel it, much like the wind, this blows me away. And the wind, it did blow. Like a sigh of happiness from above, from all around, it kept the bugs away.

The bride and groom’s wedding hiking party. Photo by Álvaro.

Two more party members, bride/groom sock dolls by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. Info here.

The clouds littered the sky with variety. It was amazing.

Álvaro — sporting one of our new Buffs — is the photographer of the day. Here is takes in the east view.

A large crowd of family and friends formed made up of hikers and non-hikers alike.

The bride and groom walk the “aisle” — a gauntlet of trekking poles.

Here is our lovely couple. Photo by Álvaro.

The ceremony. They got it exactly the way they wanted it. Photo by Álvaro.

Important words are being recited. Photo by Álvaro.

And then the next thing you know they were Just Married. No views, no distractions, only our couple.

Walking the Rim Trail for photos and fun. Mike also sporting some stylish new headgear.

The bride and groom and their wedding party continue along this summit loop trail.

Heeeey, get a room! 😉

Looks like an old, revered tradition. Photo by Álvaro.

Blown away. Photo by Álvaro.

Congratulations Mike and Jen. Thanks for letting us play a part in your awesome mountain wedding.

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