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Wedding on a Farm

Biggest day of the year.

And just to be clear, this isn’t just any old wedding on a farm, this is the wedding of Redline Guide Mike Kaminski and his lovely bride, Nicole. That’s right, one of our own, tied to the hitchin’ post and loving it. And we were playing a part.

The ceremony, which took place on Saturday the 9th of September — a beautiful day with perfect temperatures and great weather — was a lovely affair. We couldn’t have asked for better, actually. The venue selected was Harding Hill Farm situated in Sunapee, NH, and it offered spectacular vistas from its vast green farmscape. It’s an unforgettable spot, to be sure.

Our story, though, actually starts the day before. Mike and Nicole had us over a day early for a rehearsal so this is where we’ll begin. But before we do, we do want to say, Congratulations Mike and Nicole! May this adventure last forever.

Quite the space.

We cover the details. Really it takes no more than five minutes.

Wedding day and ready for the moment.

Here comes the bride.

They did.

Again, we really want to say, congratulations Mike and Nicole! The whole team is wicked happy for you.

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