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The idea Redline Guide and Gossamer Gear Ambassador Arlette Laan had was to offer an educational overnight — a backpacking clinic, free, to four qualifying people. We were there to support the event, offering gear if needed, and Gossamer Gear was to outfit the group with packs (which they got to keep) and cover costs. To qualify, hopeful participants had to be ‘true beginners who could use a little boost of confidence and a little push to go do the thing.‘ That first step, we know, can be pretty intimidating sometimes — it’s often the hardest part. To qualify the people also had to write Arlette telling her about themselves and why they should do this thing. From this pool of hopefuls, she made her selection. What follows is a brief write-up of the event along with photos. Looks like it was a great time for all!

Last weekend I had the privilege to take out four wonderful aspiring backpackers to the Ethan Pond Tentsite. The weather forecast was dire but attitudes were amazing and everyone came ready to learn. Four out of five backpackers were smart enough to bring camp shoes so they didn’t have to put their wet shoes back on in camp. Guess who the odd one out was? Yes, that would be me. It was really great to see everyone work together to get the tents set up on the platforms. Sharing favorite food discoveries, using water filters for the first time. One lady tried out the Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack for her first overnight, two others took their own packs which after the weekend they found not to be ideal. Back at Basecamp they loaded all their gear in packs provided by Gossamer Gear and preferred them. When I said they could keep them they were so stoked! Thanks so much Gossamer Gear and Redline Guiding for making this trip possible. It was a true delight! —Arlette


Now for the equivalent of 16,000 words, in images…

Great idea, Arlette, and a fine lead. And to the participants, great job getting out there, and with such a great attitude, too! And also, to our friends at Gossamer Gear… thank you very much for doing this. You guys weigh so little, yet carry so much!

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