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A.T. Finisher, Age 74, Finds Her Bear

Debby’s trailname is “Bear Repellent” because over the decades while trying to section out the Appalachian Trail she had never spotted a bear. Finally, however, in the nick of time we might add, Bear Repellent got to meet a bear named Prince Hairy, a mere three feet from her finish line in Tennessee. We wanted to literally be there to help welcome her to the end of the line, but logistics got the better of our plans. But where we may lack a physical presence, rest assured we where with her in spirit, rooting her on. And now, after all these years — at 74 years old — the AT is finally done. All that remains are the memories and the friendships made along the way. From the team here, a special thanks goes to Redline Guides Arlette Laan and Ken Hodges. It was those two that offered her the most support along the way.

To Debby, a huge congratulations to you! We are super stoked and excited for you. And we thank you for letting us play a small role in such a massive undertaking. There is a little surprise in the mail for you when you get home, Debby, and as we told you, please check in when you visit us next so we can take you on a just-for-fun hike — on us. To help us show you our gratitude!

🐻 Congratulations Debby “Bear Repellent” Roberts! ❤️

PS. So Debby: What’s next? (Asking for a friend.)

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