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Bear Repellent Gets Closer

With a mere forty-one miles to go, our oft-returning guest is nearly done with her life-long quest to link together those fourteen states through-which the AT or Appalachian Trail travels. Her pace has slowed over the decades, the effort to continue harder than ever, but with dogged determination she continues and the end is now […]

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A.T. Finisher, Age 74, Finds Her Bear

Debby’s trailname is “Bear Repellent” because over the decades while trying to section out the Appalachian Trail she had never spotted a bear. Finally, however, in the nick of time we might add, Bear Repellent got to meet a bear named Prince Hairy, a mere three feet from her finish line in Tennessee. We wanted […]

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Update from the Peaks

We’re a seasonal company, but one with something to offer in all seasons (even weddings). In the spring and fall we hike and climb and offer a wide variety of outdoor education classes. Winters are even busier with more classes and myriad opportunities to climb, hike and snowshoe, ski, even get some mountaineering in. Our […]

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The Great Smoky Mountains

Our hope is to meet the needs of our guests, no matter what they are. Including guiding an oft-returning section-hiking guest, “Bear Repellent,” through the southern half of the Great Smoky Mountains. What follows is a text summary of the trip by Redline Guide Arlette Laan and after that we are featuring a photo/video compilation […]

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Connecting Sections

Once again Redline Guide Arlette Laan was helping many-time returning guest “Bear Repellent” make her way through New Hampshire’s version of the Appalachian Trail (AT). Section by section, flipping then flopping, working around the weather and anything else that gets in the way. The result: it’s happening. The sections are getting connected. Only one remains, […]

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More A.T. Sections in N.H.

We are becoming known for helping people backpacking the Appalachian Trail (AT), particularly through the State of New Hampshire. As such is the case with a returning guest, “Bear Repellent,” whom we’ve hiked sections with before. She came back, this time to take on yet another section. Being an AT “section hiker” affords her the […]

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