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Dual Adventure

Skiing in the backcountry or snowshoeing, either was fine. Whichever, Sarah told us, as long as it was fun for her and her wife, Christy — whose recent birthday was the cause for this celebratory adventure. She didn’t want something too over the top in terms of being adrenaline-inducing. In other words, let’s stick to some “type one” fun that we can enjoy while we’re doing […]

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Sensing the Whites

People who don’t get up-close and personal or tramp upon our mountains — or any mountains, really — will probably lack understanding. Understanding, for instance, that moutain weather is usually temperamental, colder, windier, and can even more dangerous. Or understanding of how it feels to exert oneself step after step for thousands of steps, digging deep within, then reaping the reward of the joy of arrival. […]

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To Hale with Wildcat A…

Or perhaps should we write To Hale, with Wildcat A Added Two Days Later. The 4054′ Mt Hale and 4422′ Wildcat A were but two of the mountains that re-returning guest, Alex, needed for his still-in-progress quest to conquer New Hampshire’s 4000-footers. These were not this weekend’s intended targets, however, but the forecast for high winds and nastiness prompted both Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire and our […]

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Extended Skills Courses

We are wicked happy to announce that effective immediately our very popular Mountaineering Skills and Glacier Skills courses both have extended options now offering even greater potential for learning. Mountaineering Skills Course The Mountaineering Skills Course, which was only available as a half day course is now available as a stand-alone full day course offering greater depth, intensity, repetition, and monitored practice. This is strictly in […]

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Climb into a Cloud

Clear skies yielded to clouds, calmness became the wind, and through it all a team of four persevered and made it to the cloud shrouded summit of the 6288′ Mount Washington. One climber, interviewed after the adventure, declared it to be the toughest thing they had ever done and that their muscles were very, very sore. They went on, however, to express that they felt no […]

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Some Washington Redlines

Redlining — hiking all of the trails in the AMC’s White Mountain Guidebook — was one the objectives of a returning guest and ultrarunner Monday. The other objective was to winter summit the 6288′ Mt Washington and to do so via the classic Lion Head Trail’s “winter route” (the standard routing closes due to avalanche danger). The redlining part, initially, was to include needed sections of […]

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Another First Responder

We love it when our guides increase their knowledge, making themselves better guides. Taking classes, for example, to earn their Wilderness First Responder (WFR) credentials. That’s what Redline Guide Cindy Zhou just did, earning her SOLO WFR (and renewing her CPR/AED in the process) through the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, which hosted the course. Congratulations Cindy! Earning your WFR is awesome! Well done!

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Katie Vaughan Joins the Team

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to the Redline Guiding team: Katie Vaughan. We’ve known and respected Katie, as a leader with the AMC New Hampshire Chapter, for quite some time so we’re pleased she has interest and wanted to join our merry cast of hikers. What follows is a bit of an introduction: Katie lived in the Boston area growing up and moved […]

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Extreme Snowmobile Wedding

A snowmobile wedding is what they wanted, and being that Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim used to ride and once owned his own snow machine, a snowmobile wedding is what they got. Since Mike is no longer a snowmobile owner, however, and our guests didn’t have machines of their own either, they enlisted the help of Northern Extremes in Bartlett, NH, to […]

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Last 2018 Washington

On the day of New Year’s Eve Redline Guide Ken Hodges took a returning couple he had been training the day before. He led them up the Lion Head Trail — the quasi-technical winter route — on the 6288-foot Mt Washington. The idea was to summit this notorious mountain. While the weather was being cooperative, which is seldom on this peak that deservedly boasts having the […]

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