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Snirt and Snuce

Getting out there in the White Mountain National Forest and (seriously) braving the spring season was Redline Guide Mike Maciel. We would go on-and-on, trying to flex our pen, but Mike M. wrote this wonderful summary so we’re more or less just going to hang back and let him tell it in his own words. Oh, and regarding the title of this post, that is Mike’s, […]

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LGBTQIA+ Backpack Event

Here at Redline Guiding we have always celebrated diversity and are continually learning how to create inclusive community spaces in the outdoors. Thus, we’re pleased to announce an exclusive LGBTQIA+ Wilderness Backpacking Experience. This is a steeply discounted opportunity to explore and learn about backpacking in the White Mountain National Forest. Lead on this Project is Redline Guide Jess Kowalski. The LGBTQIA+ community is one of […]

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Tripyramids for April

A many-time returning guest and very knowledgeable hiker booked some time with us, wanting only a knowing companion, as per his usual, to accompany him on one of his GRID hikes. In ths case, bagging Middle and North Tripyramid for the month of April. For those who don’t know, the GRID is the pursuit of hiking all of New Hampshire’s 4000-footers, all 48 of them, in […]

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Home Among the Trees

You can’t tell anyone where we are… is this clear? The deal was I could share my discovery and describe what I saw in detail, but I was forbidden to supplement my dissertation with photos or video. Nor could I divulge — or even hint at — their general location. This deal was done on a handshake. A grimy but firm and trustworthy handshake. One that […]

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Digital Navigation (Trial)

As many past guests know, we are big on custom work, working closely with individuals and private groups, helping folks with specific goals in mind. Often times these focused classes are what we might call one-offs meaning that the course content or specialized instruction, while perfectly tailored for the guest it was meant for, might lack broad appeal. Occasionally, however, these custom courses can be shaped […]

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Monroe/Washington Attempt

A family wanted to attempt Mts Monroe and Washington and hired us to help them. The first time their day was scheduled, the wind forecast was so bad and the predicted temperatures so bone-chillingly low, our guests asked to postpone — which is good since the guides didn’t think it was a good day to go, either. This past weekend was their do-over. Sadly, our mountains […]

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Hillman’s Highway Ski Tour

The clouds swirled in the mountains and gentle rains fell in the valley. But on Mt Washington, for once, the team caught a break on the weather, the clouds thinning then breaking as they ascended. The objective was a backcountry ski tour — to climb Hillman’s Highway, then ski it back down. Due to warm temperatures, ground conditions were great so the team had no troubles. […]

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Climbing Dodge’s Drop

Our “Mt Baker Team” has been chomping at the bit, anxious for their May, 2021 attempt at Mt Baker in the North Cascades. While patiently waiting, while biding their time, they have been training hard, hiking harder, and expanding their technical knowledge. All together, as a team! This latest climbing tour of Dodge’s Drop on the north face of Boott Spur on Mt Washington, which was […]

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Alpine and Inner Exploration

One returning guest just spent the past couple of days realizing that a tremendous amount of work is required to complete certain tasks in the alpine environment, especially in winter, and that the land above the trees is a magical place where peril and delight may suddenly change places, but he got to experience it in a positive way, in the right way. This was thanks […]

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Forward and Upward Do It

Mt Washington is thought of as a short mountain. Another adjective sometimes used is small. And from the perspective of, say, a global geologist, these descriptors are quite succinct. Also ringing true is that this little mountain is situated close to the road — “it’s right there,” some will remark. (Easy access is one important reason why so many people run afoul on this infamous New […]

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