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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Two Mountains Close to Home

You don’t have to go far — starting from our Basecamp in Intervale — to hike a couple of charming mountains. Namely we’re talking about the 3268′ Kearsarge North and its 2661′ neighbor, Bartlett Mountain. The former is on the 52 With A View list, and the latter should be. Access may be the issue, a lack of prominence might be another. In any care, on […]

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Join Us for a Sunset Hike

Here are the details you’ll want and need for the festival… The Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 White Mountains Outdoor, Heath, and Wellness Fest is scheduled for June 11th from 10-3 in Schouler Park located in the heart of the North Conway Village (right in front on the Conway Scenic Railroad). This outdoor recreation, health and wellness festival encourages fitness, fun, and well-being in […]

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Little and Big Mountains

Variety is the spice of life and that’s what we’re all about. Thus, this post is going to be made in lieu of a video on our YouTube channel. We feel the media taken and received — mostly photos — will fit better here. As we up our video game, the source material will need to follow suit. It’s all part of our development. In the […]

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Two Brothers for the Win

This was a big deal. A tough mountain, for sure, against two brothers in it to win it, resulting in the deep satisfaction of sore legs only hikers and other outdoorsy freaks of nature can understand and appreciate. These two got it, neither strangers to working hard toward far away goals. The cardio, the sweat, the drive and exhilaration. Both have dug deep in the past, […]

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Willard Wedding

If one mountain rises above the rest in terms of having officiated weddings there, the 2850′ Mt Willard in Crawford Notch takes the prize. One of the 52-With-A-View mountains, Mt Willard not only features a reasonable hike in for a lot of folks, the views gained upon reaching the top are stunning, to say the least. Thus, it’s no surprise Redline Guide and JP Mike Cherim […]

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Mountain Variety Show

Within a twenty mile radius of our location in Intervale is an incredible amount to do, particularly when it comes outdoor activities and adventure. Not to say there isn’t a lot to do indoors — shopping, learning, entertainment, and other fun attractions — there is, but we’re a guiding company planted smack dab in the mountains so what do you expect us to talk about? Why […]

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Educational LNT Video

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a detailed subject with certain nuances, some of which we go over in an article we wrote some time ago. As a lighter introduction, however, we decided to put together this little educational video (below). This was done with the help of Redline Guides Mike Cherim (host, script, direction), Mike Maciel (videographer and consultant), and Pat Ferland (consultant). Pat is an […]

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Should People Feed Gray Jays?

That little question about whether or not people should feed gray jays is one of those hot-button topics. Answers will range from a flatly given “HELL NO” claiming this action will disrupt the very balance of nature to an enthusiastic “HELL YES” claiming it’s harmless, fun, and cool. The right answer is in there somewhere and we will try to flesh it out. The hope is […]

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