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Two Brothers for the Win

This was a big deal. A tough mountain, for sure, against two brothers in it to win it, resulting in the deep satisfaction of sore legs only hikers and other outdoorsy freaks of nature can understand and appreciate. These two got it, neither strangers to working hard toward far away goals. The cardio, the sweat, the drive and exhilaration. Both have dug deep in the past, this day would be no different. As mentioned, this is a tough mountain. It robbed the brothers of heir first wind. Then the mountain robbed them of their second wind, too, but rewards were exploding all around them. Was it enough to deliver a third wind?! It was amazing out. And all the while Redline Guide Dominic Torro was expertly metering out a mix of sage wisdom and careful encouragement. They could do this. They would do this. And they did do this! Check it out:

Great job one and all! Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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