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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Two With Snow

From afar, when there’s snow, two New Hampshire mountain ranges stand out. Mt Washington and the Presidential Range and the famed Franconia Ridge. Where shades of frozen gray and green bearing slashes and scars dominate the winteresque landscape, these two ridges remain bright and white, glinting in the sun. Above it all — our precious alpine areas, a resource to be protected. Over the past few […]

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Same Day Rock and Ice

New Hampshire offers a large number of cool things to do at any given time of year. Let’s face it, the state is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. And during a brief period, most notably in the spring, this large number increases as the demarcation line between the seasons gets a little fuzzy. The lingering winter activities vie for our attention as much as the spring things do. […]

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Now We Rock

Last year we added a Rock Climbing Intro course to our selection of Educational offerings. We did this with the idea of offering full-on Rock Climbing Adventures the following year. And that is where we’re at right now! Here it is, 2022, one year later, and we’re wicked psyched to finally complete our current lineup of Adventure options with the addition of this latest high-revving offering. […]

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Clinging Onto Winter

We aren’t ones to give up on a season easily. Especially winter in New Hampshire. What the heck happened? Nature’s been holding out. So we won’t give up quite yet, but we’d encourage you all to get after it, too, while you can. Thanks to some snow, we got a chance to enjoy another week of Nordic and alpine skiing and there’s still some ice to […]

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Weekend in Motion

While some arms did swing ice tools under the guidance of Redline Guide Pat Ferland this past weekend, it was the legs of hikers that created the most warmth. First at bat was Redline Guide Mike Maciel as he showed one gentleman his beloved Franconia Ridge. Next up was Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer showing one many-time returning guest a delightful hike to Mt Parker during a […]

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12 Spring Water Crossing Tips

It’s getting to be that time of year: Spring, a whole new season of hazards to contend with. A time of year when staying dry is a real challenge thanks to all the various forms of water out there. And crossings… oh, my. That ice cold and sometimes turbid spring snow melt rushing toward the sea — standing between us and our next 4000-footer or 52 […]

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Guide Spotlight: Mike Maciel

Because inquiring minds want to know this stuff. Because our guides are legends. They’re rock stars. People want to know what they eat for breakfast. What they think and how they feel. They want to know them during the hike as well as after. We decided to pose what we think may be three popular albeit unique questions to Redline Guide Mike Maciel: So, Mike, please […]

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Another Weekend Report

Still trying this new method of wading through and presenting some of the week’s media, we’ve produced another video of the fun times folks had this past week. 4000-footers in this video include a hike of Whiteface and Passaconaway for a returning guest and her two daughters, this trip led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Then another hike with a mother and her very young son, […]

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