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Same Day Rock and Ice

New Hampshire offers a large number of cool things to do at any given time of year. Let’s face it, the state is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. And during a brief period, most notably in the spring, this large number increases as the demarcation line between the seasons gets a little fuzzy. The lingering winter activities vie for our attention as much as the spring things do. We can go fishing or boating, then do some backcountry skiing, climb some alpine ice, get on some rock in the Valley, go for a hike, and more. This past weekend, at least one day, really exemplified this when Redline Guide Pat Ferland gave our guest intro courses into rock and ice climbing on the same day. Also out there this weekend were Redline Guide Ryan McGuire doing some mountaineering on Mts Adams and Washington and Redline Guide Will Murphy showing one lad the ropes in the backcountry as they grabbed the last of what the Sherbie ski trail has to offer.

As usual, we tried to compile it all into a short video.

Well done one and all. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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