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Jackson History-Walking Tour

We are sometimes asked to do things that, for us, are outside the norm. If we feel we can deliver to our usual and now expected level of service, however, we try. For example, we’ve twice offered a convenient porter service setting up someone’s backpacking camp for them so they didn’t have to so they could better enjoy the hike. Then there was that time we rescued a pack. On another occasion we gave a history and geology tour at the Flume in Franconia Notch. We pride ourselves in being both flexible and versatile. On this occasion it was no different.

On this occasion we were asked to do something we normally offer, guided hiking and nature tours, but there was a twist. This was a robust corporate get together with a very rigid schedule and a tiny window of opportunity. Our hike needed to happen in a small time frame which we found was shrunken further by a team delay after their lunch. That said, we came prepared to offer a historic and informational walking tour through Jackson. We knew doing any hike was going to be impossible considering we needed to get to it, too, and transportation was absent. So this was our solution. Two days of studying and the preparation of seven pages of notes paid off so we were able to give an informative, enjoyable, albeit limited outdoor adventure, while also giving these guests some much needed fresh air and exercise between their meetings.

Guiding on this trip was Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Deb Dunn.

Good job, all.

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