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Juxtaposed Wedding

Bridgette and Tommy, Married June 12th, 2021

Word of mouth is how Redline Guide and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim got this particular wedding assignment — all the way down yonder in Auburn, NH. He married another couple, friends of this couple, and they liked Mike’s style, so to speak. He seemed so relaxed, confident, and happy. Positive vibes to spare. A lot of people ask Mike to marry them for this reason. He’s not your typical, stuffy officiant. “Mike’s so down to earth,” some have said. It is supposed to be a fun and happy event — not a stressful time, right?!

We titled this blog post and called this a “Juxtaposed Wedding” because Mike wasn’t the only one who was relaxed. The bride and groom were both super chill, though the opulence of the event was shining brightly. From the catered food, to the inflatable alcohol tent for the grownups, to the large reception tent, the DJ, the photographer, and even a very fancy (and costly) restroom trailer. With all this opulence and formality, the couple being so chill was awesome. The best of both worlds. The groom got a little misty-eyed, perhaps, but the mood was very fun, festive, and full of good will and laughter. Like it should be some might argue. If this is any sign of things to come, these two should have a lovely life together.

All the bells and whistles.

Not a great tent for backpacking, but for weddings…

Here comes the bride… you can look, Tommy!

Well, hey guys, you’re hitched!

Congratulations Bridgette and Tommy!

“If this is the worst thing to happen, this is going to be good.” –Tommy (Inside joke for the bride and groom.)

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