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Give Me Fliberty

Essentially, the title details exactly what our guest was looking for. For those not in the know, this returning guest requested a Mt Flume (4328′) to Mt Liberty (4459′) loop hike — hitting two 4000-footers on the southern half of the Franconia Ridge. He also requested his guide from last time, namely he requested Redline Guide Pat Ferland if it was possible. It was a good hike by the sounds of it, for Pat and our guest, soon after arriving back home our guest sent us this brief but telling note:

[…] Great hike with Pat. Up Flume. Then over to Liberty. That was very cool. We beat the heat for the most part. Went pretty slow, 7.5 hrs, but a nice day. […]

Here are a few photos Pat took.

They take the notorious Flume Slide Trail — one of the Terrifying 25.

Leg day with the stair master.

Breaking out of the trees for Flume.

Finishing paces.

Nice up here. Cooler.

A job well done.

Good lead, Pat. And to our guest, congratulations and thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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