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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Adventures of Dr Gadget

Referred from another guest, “Dr. Gadget” — an experienced hiker getting back to work on her winter list (after sustaining and hiking out on a tibial fracture from Mt Fort two years ago) — came to us hoping for a companion to hike the 4780-foot Mt Eisenhower with. A shakedown. Dr. Gadget, in case you’re wondering, is her nickname. You may also be wondering what bearing […]

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Pemi Loop, Plan D

The original plan was to do a three day, two night Presidential traverse. A backpack in an extreme environment. Only one problem, an extreme environment can be deadly when combined with extreme conditions. And extreme conditions were what we were faced with. So much for a weather window to get it done. Since there can be a fine line between being tough and being foolish, Redline […]

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Ski Wedding on Loon Mtn

Oscar and Emily — Married March, 13th, 2021 The couple asked if our NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim might be willing to officiate a wedding ceremony on skis. The answer came fast: Yes! That sounds great! The couple, Emily and Oscar (also known as Preston by some), after seeing another wedding video, also asked Mike to shoot some video of their wedding. He did, […]

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Mt Monroe Attempt

The forecast called for a high probably of yowza, with significant holy cow, plus a whole lot of ¬°Ay, caramba! thrown in for good measure. To put that in meteorological terms, they called for temps in the lower single digits and morning wind gusts up to 105 miles-per-hour. Redline Guide Ken Hodges and a single guest decided to attempt Mt Monroe, nonetheless, but as expected, the […]

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Waterville Wedding

Waterville Valley is like a Matryoshka doll set — you know, those Russian nesting dolls. We say that first because of its geography, a flat plain nestled between mountains which form the outermost shell, so to speak. Then within that is the Village itself and nestled within that is a quaint “Town Square” lined with shoppes. And then, at the very heart of it all, is […]

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Impossible Without Heart

Every year around the holidays we suggest people buy a gift certificate; give the gift of adventure, we say. And some do just that. One fellow we know tells his family to take care of his guided hikes and they do. Between Christmas and his birthday — which is the day this was posted (happy belated) — our guest received a handful of certificates. This year […]

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Meanwhile on the Hancocks

While operations were in full swing on Mt Washington — which we will be getting to soon — Redline Guide Mike Maciel was hiking a little further south on a couple of 4000-footers: namely, the Hancocks. There he was leading a winter hike with an oft-returning guest working on her list. We specified it was a winter hike, and technically that is what it was, but […]

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Impeccable Monroe-Washington

A couple of experienced hikers, friends, contacted us hoping we could help them tackle Mts Monroe and Washington on a hike in honor of one of our guest’s brother. They chose the right day for it, that’s for sure. They requested it, in fact. But you don’t have to take our word for about how blue the skies were as Redline Guide Ryan McGuire took a […]

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Ice, Ice Baby

Two days, two organizations, three students. The turnout wasn’t huge, but the students learned a lot and had a great time doing it. It helped that the weather was pretty magnificent. Hopefully the word will get out so next time these groups come to us in greater numbers. Day one was with Ridj-it out of Boston and day two, with our friends in the NH Women’s […]

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It was so F***ing Awesome!

We called in a follow-up, asked if the day was a satisfactory one — after all, the photos looked pretty nice (see below). The one guest we spoke with excitedly presented us with several sentences of joyous expletives describing not just the mountain, the views, the weather, and the pace, but also how f***ing awesome Redline Guide Pat Ferland was. They said he was “perfect.” (We […]

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