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Meanwhile on the Hancocks

While operations were in full swing on Mt Washington — which we will be getting to soon — Redline Guide Mike Maciel was hiking a little further south on a couple of 4000-footers: namely, the Hancocks. There he was leading a winter hike with an oft-returning guest working on her list. We specified it was a winter hike, and technically that is what it was, but as you’ll see in the photos, winter was decidedly not in the air that day. It was gorgeous, sunny and unseasonably warm. It should be noted they did consider the effects of the weather and how it could affect the safety of the hike, but they determined the short duration of the weather event would limit the impact so they went for it — and succeeded. Before we get into the photos, here’s a little summary written by Mike M.

While some the team was Washington, I was having a fantastic time with a returning guest over on the Hancocks, helping her earn peaks 16 & 17 of her 4000 footer journey. We put our televators to good use on the way up North, dodged the snowmelt raindrops across the traverse, got chased by gray jays while we drank our tea on South, and avoided getting rear-ended by some joyful buttsledders on our way back down. It was a beautiful spring…errr winter day out there. –Mike M

Stunning beauty in the Forest.

Well that was fast and easy.

Number 16.

The view ledge giveth.

The gray jays also hope to giveth.

They savor the moments of the day.


Number 17.

Down bound.

Heading toward home.

Great job, Mike, and to our guest, congratulations and thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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