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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Show Me Something

Show me something, teach me something, push me to my limits. She asked, we agreed. On point for this one was Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Originally we were thinking Mt Washington might be a good choice for her. After Ken spoke with her at length, however, he decided a trip into the wilderness on his trail — Rainbow Trail — would be a good option. This […]

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Her First 4000-Footer

We have long recommended Mt Pierce as a New Hampshire hiker’s first 4000-footer, this was time to put that to the test. Would it be enough? Too much? Too little. Based on what knew about this returning guest, this should be just right. Let’s check it out. The day started cloudy but the sun worked its magic and eventually came out. The wind was blowing so […]

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Huntington Ravine Hike

Yep, another one. It if seems like there was one just a day ago, then you’re paying attention. This one was another private hike with one person looking to get it done, but this time Redline Guide Nico Dubois was on point. They made good time on the trip. The guest had hiked Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua is in her sights. This was sort of a training […]

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WMNF Intro Hike

A fit and active but very private family living in Massachusetts but originally from couple of Scandinavian countries wanted to be introduced to a hike in the White Mountain National Forest. For this tour we decided Pine Mountain in Gorham — recently added to the 52 With a View list — would be a good choice for a half day hike thanks to its variety. On […]

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Huntington Ravine, Again

We will often guide folks on the Huntington Ravine Trail. Thanks to a few exposed and awkward sections, this Terrifying 25 trail really is terrifying in the eyes of many. It is a rather specific climb demanding precision routing — something that many get wrong. Redline Guides Ken Hodges and Howard Aronson, both guiding up there, noticed a number of folks getting themselves stuck in the […]

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Three Times the Love

We officiated three weddings in a day last year, and now this year we’ve done it again hitching three couple in a single glorious-weather day — with yet another triple header scheduled for October. With so many couples getting married it’s hard to keep up, but here we will try, again combining these happy events into a single post. Before we show the photos, we do […]

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Twin Wedding Thursday

With two weddings in one day, we find it’s logical to combine them — or at least combine the posts about them. One wedding was held at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. The other, just two hours later, was held atop Cathedral Ledge in North Conway. The weather was nice for both, much better than the rain the day before. Though it felt warmer; […]

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Why Hire a Guide

We’re a guiding company so we’re going to offer a pretty biased view; obviously we’re pro guiding, but the reasons we will give you to hire a guide will also be totally spot on. Is hiring a guide the right thing for you? Well, maybe. A lot depends on your actual knowledge of the specific area you want to hike in and the depth of your […]

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