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Three Times the Love

We officiated three weddings in a day last year, and now this year we’ve done it again hitching three couple in a single glorious-weather day — with yet another triple header scheduled for October. With so many couples getting married it’s hard to keep up, but here we will try, again combining these happy events into a single post. Before we show the photos, we do want to tell all three couples that we are honored to play a part in their joyous unions. Thank you! Photos and wedding officiation by Mike Cherim.

No rain in sight, but we again see a wedding rainbow. This simply has to be a good sign.

Jackie and Drew — Married September 5th, 2020

This is a pretty nice spot at the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whtefield.

They took the day off from their peak bagging adventures to get married.

They have a full day ahead, so we are off to our next one.

Kristen and Gage — Married September 5th, 2020

Another fine view… this one from the Pioneer Wedding Barn in Sugar Hill.

Viewing Mt Lafayette through the arbor.

We get a quick photo of the couple, and with the couple, before we leave for the next ceremony.

Crystal and Chris — Married September 5th, 2020

They have waited a long time for this.

Post ceremony, we head out back for some photos.

Happy as can be.

To all three couples, congratulations. We wish you the very best for your future lives together.

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