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Twin Wedding Thursday

With two weddings in one day, we find it’s logical to combine them — or at least combine the posts about them. One wedding was held at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. The other, just two hours later, was held atop Cathedral Ledge in North Conway. The weather was nice for both, much better than the rain the day before. Though it felt warmer; summer-like again.

Hannah and Benjamin, Married Sept. 3rd, 2020

This fine looking couple was surrounded by a family they adore when they tied the knot. The service was formal, but also very relaxed. Everyone was in good spirits. The Eagle Mountain House does good weddings… it’s a great atmosphere.

Unplugged. As it should be.

The couple both prepared personal vows.

The newlyweds. Literally beaming with joy.

The bride and one of her maids of honor.

We used to teach here before we got our own place. <3

Emily and Brian, Married Sept 3rd, 2020

This great couple are hikers and simply had to have a wedding with some elevation. Not a lot, they did have non-hikers in tow, but the mountains called. This was a good compromise. We thank Alan at Echo Lake State Park for helping support the cause.

Here comes the party.

Awaiting the family, the photo shoot begins.

The photographer was posing them.

Here comes the bride…

Husband and Wife.

Headed home from the last wedding, our officiant Mike Cherim noticed the mountains to the east were richly colored, the alpenglow from the setting sun to the west tinging their flanks. Slightly to the south, scanning for traffic, he also spotted a rainbow. It hadn’t rained since the night before. Where did the rainbow come from? We can’t answer that outside of the scientific realm, but it sure seemed magical, Mike thought. Two weddings followed by two signs of positivity. That’s a win!

Congratulations to both couples. We wish you the very best for your future lives together.

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