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Monthly Archives: December 2019

A Number of Mt Washingtons

After a while the snow, rocks, and ice no longer look all the same. After a while every minor nuance on the mountain is a known thing, an old friend we recognize by their shape. We become very, very familiar. This is good, during a whiteout this familiarity can be super useful. The recognition of a lowly ice-encrusted mass of talus can keep us on the […]

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Winter Camping Clinic Success

We figured it would take about eight miles of extension cord to run space heaters at the shelter located at Ethan Pond — and that’s assuming the AMC would even let us plug in at the Highland Center. So, we just knew in our hearts there had to be a better way. And certainly, with our expertise we could come up with something. Perhaps by way […]

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Blustery Mount Washington

We had trained two teams and led them on a hike toward the summit of the frosty “Rock Pile” named Mt Washington this past weekend. This stout 6288′ (4000-foot-plus) mountain is known for its extreme weather, and that’s what the weekend offered. Inset you can see the MWOBS forecast for the Sunday attempt. Note the winds and wind chills. The mountain was earning its reputation. The […]

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2020 Rockhopper-Redline WFAs

SOLD OUT — SOLD OUT — SOLD OUT — SOLD OUT Our last team effort went so well, we decided to do it again for 2020 — two times! We’re pleased to announce another cooperative effort between ourselves here at Redline Guiding and Rockhopper Races LLC. Again, for those who don’t know them, they’re the ones bringing professionally-organized mountain racing to the White Mountain National Forest. […]

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Starlight Snowshoe Hike

Trying something different, we have decided to offer a low-cost starlight snowshoe hike on December 26th, 2019 — date of December’s new moon. Get to know us a little better and join us for a fun time. This will not be a high intensity, or high speed hike. We will, in fact, probably keep it simple marking the 2800′ Mt Willard summit ledges as our goal […]

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Near Winter Mt Jackson

[…] views are secondary, hiking the Whites is sublime. Our returning guest, a former student, wanted a 4000-footer, something on her list — after all, she is working on hiking the 48 recognized 4000-footers in NH. She also wanted to keep the mileage down being that this would be a full-on winter hike during full-on winter conditions, and a winter shakedown hike at that. Given this, […]

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Our Winter Season Begins

This weekend sort of started the ball rolling for us, so to speak. It began Saturday with a Winter Skills course followed by a Mountaineering Skills course. And this was followed the next day with a successful ascent of Mt Washington — the tallest most badass peak in the Northeast and the crown jewel of the White Mountain National Forest. Atypical of its badassness, however, the […]

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