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Winter Camping Clinic Success

We figured it would take about eight miles of extension cord to run space heaters at the shelter located at Ethan Pond — and that’s assuming the AMC would even let us plug in at the Highland Center. So, we just knew in our hearts there had to be a better way. And certainly, with our expertise we could come up with something. Perhaps by way of some magical combination of great gear, physical activity, layering, and careful self-management to include a focus on diet and hydration, we could manage to stay at such a place as Ethan Pond — in the winter — and enjoy ourselves. To relish our comfort and rest easy knowing we are safe. It was this magical combination that allowed our special winter camping clinic event led by Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire to go over so well and without a hitch. Everyone had a great time, actually!

Beginning at the AT crossing, the team hikes in via Ethan Pond Trail. Not reeling out extension cord.

Nice backpacking weather at Ethan Pond.

Solid looking team!

The kitchen.

Clean up on the platforms.

Home sweet home.

Most people are home by this hour, unless you’re camping out.

Great lead, Ryan. Well done one and all. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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