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White Mountains Vacation

Hailing from Connecticut, our most recent guest, Juliane, requested multiple days of hiking starting with a classic Franconia Ridge loop. On assignment for this — now that he’s back from his trip to France and Italy — was Redline Guide Jeffery Shutak. Jeffrey wanted to make a good impression on Juliane’s first tour with us and first visit to the state so naturally he found a moose alongside the Kancamagus Highway on the way to the trailhead. A good omen? Well, so far so good.

Welcome to New Hampshire. Here’s a moose for you!

Day One: Franconia Ridge Loop

Jeffrey reported a moderate to relaxed pace over their nearly ten-mile, 4100-foot day. Juliane is a strong hiker with great cardio so nothing was keeping her back, despite her wearing a rather sturdy knee brace. They encountered only twenty people or so all day, Jeffrey added. For those in the know, this is pretty uncommon in the non-winter months. Being a weekday certainly helped out immensely. Juliane was very impressed with the route as well as the scenery. It stands to reason. This hike, after all, is a top-rated classic. They finished the day by taking the short cut that the “Hut Croo” use to hustle supplies up — she loved that. Here are some photos by Jeffrey that sort of sum up the day.

In the beginning.

The falling waters of Falling Waters Trail.

Breaching treeline on Little Haystack Mountain (elv. 4760′).

The ridge awaits. Lincoln (5089′), Truman (5020′), and Lafayette (5260′).

It’s an incredible ridge walk.

Mt Lincoln summit.

Jeffrey stylin’ on the Lafayette summit.

Alpine meadow.

Eagle Lake.

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