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White Mountains Vacation

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Day Four: Garfield for the Finish

Jeffrey decided to surprise Juliane on her last day with us with a hike up Mt Garfield (elv. 4500′). This mountain provided her not only with another 4000-footer, but Garfield, situated on the northern rim of the Pemigewasset Wilderness, offers up stunning 360-degree views from its rocky summit. It’s a beautiful destination, and a mysterious one with the weather they had. Clouds coming and going, and an occasional hole or partial undercast. The photos Jeffrey provided (below) speak volumes. After the summit, being that they made good time, Jeffrey led our guest to the wild-feeling Garfield Pond before returning the way they came heading back up next to the summit then back to Gale River Loop Road where they began their journey.

In some circles this is known as mossy goodness.

Leading to Garfield.

There are rocks. It is how it is up here.

Progress is being made.

Jeffrey shrouded in a summit mist that would come and go.

One possible caption is “thank you.”

Limited views offset by unlimited awesome.

Garfield Pond. No moose today, but they do visit.

Every day Juliane sent us an email telling us what a good time she was having and what a good guide Jeffrey was. We loved getting these reports and thanked her each time. And better still, every new email outdid the last. This is what we aim for. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding, Juliane.

Way to go on all the summits, Juliane. And Jeffrey, great job leading and making the experience special.

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