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Wet ā€˜nā€™ Wild Willard Wedding


The bride and groom, Kara and Garrett, wanted a wedding in the wilds. They sought energy which would preferably be represented by the presence of water. They also desired a more intimate gathering absent of hoardes of strangers. Moreover, they needed a location with fairly easy hike-in access for non-hikers. At one point it was also planned to have a drone shoot footage so consideration of the bird’s-eye view was taken into account. Suggestions were made that fit the bill — the vibrantly-colored East Pond came up as a clear winner. So how we ended up on the 2865′ Mt Willard in Crawford Notch is a bit of a mystery.

But the bride and groom got their wishes. The wind-driven drizzle out of southwest provided the energized water element they asked for. Perhaps to the nth degree, but that’s okay. All was good. More than good. The weather certainly kept Mt Willard’s hoardes at bay. Plus, everyone managed to carry themselves up and down the mountain while nobody got soaked and hypothermic despite the cold, wet clouds rolling upslope against the face of the cliff, washing over our heads. It was beautiful, breathtaking, special, offering snatches of views every now and then. Sure, the “knot” got wet, but that just means it’ll never come untied. They opted against the drone due to cost, but even that worked out because the high winds would have negated its use anyway.

In other words things worked out great. The Force was with them. A Star Wars reference, you ask? Yes. It was a theme in their wedding and the “yub nub” which followed. Here are a few photos of the service.

Mt Willard looms large on the Dark Side of the tracks.

The wedding party hiking toward the summit.

Redline Guide Bill Robichaud was in attendance. Coincidentally he is a personal friend of the bride and groom.

Bill again with his Appalachian Trail umbrella.

The light at the end of the tunnel. Literally.

The weather is wicked… awesome.

The happy couple.

The time is close.

Their future is before them, a pleasant unknown.

Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim doing his thing.

He speaks up so he is heard over the wind.

The crowd goes wild.

Sudden view.

Group photo prep.

Group photo time.

Close to the edge and into the upslope drafts the wind is felt a lot more. Wooooo-hooooo.

Headed west.

Long view back toward the wedding party.

Congratulations Kara and Garrett. May your days together be long and many.

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