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Father-Son in Huntington

For a number of years he thought about Huntington Ravine, considering. He watched videos on YouTube, planning. He read first-hand accounts, wondering. His senses on overdrive. He got himself good and stoked, and a little nervous. Knowing routing is super important on this notorious White Mountains hike, this crowned jewel of the Terrifying 25 list […]

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Two Seasons, One Day

Please note: this post was made in our fiction category. The details of the story are purely contrived for the purpose of conveying educational content to our readers. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Describing such an event is something we can all learn from. (Stock helicopter photo from Pexels.) […]

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Training, Hiking, and Climbing

We had a lot going on this past weekend. It began with a postponement of a Backcountry Ski Tour because… well, no snow. It also ended with a postponement of an Ice Climbing Intro because… well, too much snow (driving considerations forced the change). And snow, the lack or abundance thereof, only started the challenges. […]

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