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99 Via Huntington

Jeffrey gets his 99th MW.

Capable people hire us to lead on Huntington Ravine Trail. That “hiking” route can be dangerous, tricky to navigate, sometimes unforgiving, and it’s well known that the consequences for screw-ups there are, well, pretty consequential. There is a history of injuries and even deaths.

The Huntington Ravine Trail has a deserved reputation so there, on that hiking trail, factors like good weather are key, as are ground conditions, and for some others still, having a solid, knowing companion is seriously preferred over going it alone. That’s pretty wise, in fact.

Wise like our single guest on this trip who was looking for said companion. We paired her with Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak — for whom, coincidentally, this trip marked his 99th successful ascent of this infamous mountain with its harsh weather. During this hike Jeffrey took some photos, which we’re sharing below.

Our guest makes her way up “The Slabs.” Other scenes follow…

Congratulations to both guide and guest. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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