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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Glen Boulder’s Just Right

We try really hard during our multiple trip-planning phases. Being a private outfitter we usually have one and two guests at a time, making it a bit easier to make all the people happy all the time (though that is allegedly impossible). But we still work at it. It’s something we don’t take lightly; always hoping we can create that magical just-right Goldilocks experience. These phases […]

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Loon Mountain Wedding

Every time Redline Guide and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim officiates a wedding at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH, he comes away with two impressions: One is that the weather, while beautiful, is seemingly always hot — barring that one time — (yes, he does suppose it’s merely a coincidence) and, two; it’s a really great venue! Of all the built-up summits that […]

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The Isolation Mud Flats

Sounds pretty interesting naming a hiking trail that’s flattish in places and often muddy The Isolation Mud Flats, but really it’s apt so we took some liberties and got creative on that front. Once you see the video, you should see for yourself a touch of the mud and agree with the naming. This trip, led by Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer, showed a many-time-returning guest the […]

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North & South Hancock, Done

Like so many people out there doing this crazy, awesome thing, one returning guest — a former navigation student — working on her 48 4000-footers (now with 17 to go) reached out looking for a knowing companion to go with. A little oversight can sometimes be a very good thing. Thus, we encourage this, not just because it’s how we earn a living, but because it […]

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Custom Hiking Adventure

Just a hike, not necessarily a mountain, no summits needed or lists fulfilled. Just a plain old hike. Our returning guest was clear. She wanted a brain-clearing, joint-limbering trek into a wild areas. Sweating would be okay but let’s not make a day of it. Get me out there! We knew what to do. It would involve a little heavy lifting early on — while it’s […]

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Northern Presidential Traverse

One of the most rugged and fearsome locations in the White Mountain National Forest is the Presidential Range — including the notorious Mt Washington (6288′) — particularly the gnarly yet exquisitely beautiful and pristine northern end. This section includes such mountains as Jefferson (5716′), Adams (5799′), and Madison (5366′). And of course also Mt Clay (5533′) — but this last one doesn’t “count” as a “NH […]

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Family Rock Climbing

The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun! —Alex Lowe Indoor experience obtained from a climbing gym is a fantastic way to get into the sport of rock climbing. And an upward transition to climbing outdoors is sort of a natural segue for those with access to the world’s great climbing crags. We’re fortunate here in the Mt Washington Valley in […]

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Zealand and the Bonds

A guest just finished up a backpacking trip with us completing the classic Zealand-Bonds Traverse — a monster hike made more comfortable by splitting it up over two days. Working on her 48, these peaks — Zealand (4260′), West Bond (4540′), Mt Bond (4698′), and Bondcliff (4265′) — were numbers 41, 42, 43, 44, respectively. Highlights included decent weather, a bear sighting (no pic, sorry), and […]

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High in the Middle

This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor ever rising. —John Muir, 1838-1914, Father of the National Parks   High (hi) in the middle is how they describe the State of Ohio, but really we’re high in the middle here in New Hampshire. Literally. Which maybe is why people from […]

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A Son, His Mother, and a Bunny

We’ve been asked by people if they can hike with their dog. We’re mostly okay with that. We’ve never been asked about having a bunny rabbit along, until this trip. A pet rabbit that hikes 4000-footers. Who knew?! And that wasn’t the only unusual aspect to this adventure — a hike to Owl’s Head led by Redline Guide Mike Maciel. The trip was funded by another […]

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Navigating the Weekend

That post title will probably conjure up images of challenges to time management with chaos thrown in for good measure, but in this case the title is a lot more literal. In this case we had four people — two couples who knew each other — take a weekend-long two-day Wilderness Navigation course with us. During which they were literally navigating in that time. Here’s how […]

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Scar Ridge for Number 98

Rising over 700-feet above the Loon Mountain Ski Area is Scar Ridge which at 3774-feet at its highest point is one of New England’s Hundred Highest peaks (map). This mountain, in particular, has a reputation for being tough to access with its dense conifers and steep flanks. And as a guide agency we are often tasked with helping folks make it up there and get back […]

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