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Scar Ridge for Number 98

Rising over 700-feet above the Loon Mountain Ski Area is Scar Ridge which at 3774-feet at its highest point is one of New England’s Hundred Highest peaks (map). This mountain, in particular, has a reputation for being tough to access with its dense conifers and steep flanks. And as a guide agency we are often tasked with helping folks make it up there and get back out alive. Often these are merely companion hikes, which was the case this time with a retuning guest who needed this for his 98th. On lead for this tour, as it usually the case, was Redline Guide Ken Hodges. What follows are a few photo of this trip that Ken grabbed.

Heading into the mist.

Climbing Loon Mountain via the ski trails, here looking back.

The skies begin to clear.

Guide and guest, both looking pretty stoked to reach the top (we can empathize).

Congratulations on number 98.

Great lead, Ken. And congratulations to our guest, thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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