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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Another Busy Weekend

Sometimes there’s no way we can keep up with trip reports. Just too much going on. We’re not complaining at all, but we are having to consolidate the weekend’s activities into a single post. So, without further ado, here we go: Friday: Guide-Ready Navigation Class Redline Guide Mike Cherim taught one student Wilderness Navigation helping him prepare for the oral boards on his NHF&G guide exam. […]

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The Need to Move

If you hike in the winter, you already know what it’s like, right? You start off cold… whoa, wait, back up. You actually start off warm, in bed, forcing yourself awake at the bequest of an annoying alarm. It’s time to get cold. You go through your morning routine warming up as you do then head outside into the dark, Arctic air to freeze again. You […]

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Train and Climb

As we do on so many winter weekends, we trained a couple of groups of hikers (including one from the Hike the 4000-Footers on NH group on Facebook), and we attempted to lead one group to the 6288-foot Mt Washington summit. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, the weather up there proved a bit too disconcerting. The team — a group of awesome folks from Ridj-it […]

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Number Eighteen

“It’s a good number,” she said, then added: “It has meaning; it’s spiritual — and it has always had significance.” For our returning guest, the 4006′ Mt Waumbek was her 18th — 18 out of 48 as it concerns hiking all the 4000-footers in N.H. that is. And helping her reach this summit, this important number, was Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. The hike was an uneventful […]

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Training Team Baker

In preparation for their attempt on Mt Baker this June, our Baker Team got in some necessary training. All have had winter skills and mountaineering skills training so next on their list was to attend our Glacier Skills course (next one for them will be an on-mountain refresher). In addition to the day-long course led by Redline Guide Mike Cherim, the team also underwent a shakedown […]

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Two More 4000-Footers

A returning guest asked us for assistance once again in his pursuit of hiking the winter 4000-footers — the tallest mountains in the Whites. This time he requested two hikes, a day apart. The first was Mt Garfield. This was led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. The second was Mt Lincoln and this was led by Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. Both trips were a success and […]

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