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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Redlining the White Mountains

“Redlining” in this context means to hike all of the trails described in the AMC’s White Mountain Guidebook. That’s 1440.4 miles based on the book’s 29th Edition, but since the most basic out-and-back trail requires two trips — out and back — it adds up to a whole lot of hiking and exploring when it’s all said and done. Redlining is a novel, rewarding pursuit that […]

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Exploring NH Mountains, Day 3

Remember the family from North Carolina we told you about? The family with the dog? There’s Brad and Paige, daughter Chelsea, and her dog, Lilly. They’ve been on two adventures with us so far. First there was Mt Kearsarge North, then there was Hedgehog Mountain. Today they were with us again, but differently. First of all they were present as two groups today instead of one, […]

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Exploring NH Mountains, Day 2

Returning to our trilogy, the family visiting from North Carolina — remember them, Brad, Paige, daughter Chelsea, and Lily — is at it again. This time Redline Guide Ken Hodges takes them to see not one, but two mountains from the aforementioned 52 With-A-View list. Two mountains… is that correct? They requested a later start so Ken choosing two mountains might seem questionable at first, but […]

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Exploring NH Mountains, Day 1

A few months ago we were contacted by a North Carolina family who planned to be visiting the Northeast. (Not to be confused with the North Carolina woman who we brought up Mt Washington, though. They just like us down there, ya’ll.) This family hoped we would introduce them to a few of our mountains by way of our notoriously rugged trails — though they didn’t […]

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Washington on a Whim

Seems like just the day before yesterday when we announced the addition of our newest Redline Guide, Jeffrey Shutak. Next thing you know he is answering the call of duty when a sudden and spontaneous request to be guided to the summit of New England’s tallest peak comes in late yesterday. We pride ourselves in being there and we were there for this request as well. […]

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Jeffrey Shutak Joins the Team

We are very pleased to announce the newest member of the Redline Guiding team: North Conway local, Jeffrey Shutak. Jeffrey is retired and being local may help us fill a niche for the many mid-week hikes we lead. Jeffrey is also an avid Nordic backcountry skier — which we will find useful this winter (but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves… do look for […]

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Not Your Standard Birthday

A standard birthday, just to be clear, means to stay at home with family or friends, or celebrate with a night on the town. A not-so standard birthday then might be defined as, say, a hike up to the summit of Mt Washington. Of course this is a fairly standard event for Redline Guide Ken Hodges. To our guest, Denise, though, we have no doubt this […]

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Plan C: Tastes Like Sugar

When plans A and B aren’t so sweet… Despite our best efforts, planning, and imagination, sometimes, as they say, you just can’t get there from here. Our guides typically have a backup plan in mind when leading our guests into the White Mountain National Forest. This is recorded in our guides’ online checkout/checkin safety system — yes, we are backwoods hightech. Even something so simple as […]

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Walk on the Wild Slide

The Latest Adventure: People Love Slide and Gully Hikes Social media is to blame. Record numbers of people are taking to the backcountry to enjoy the out-of-the-ordinary experiences their friends and peers are sharing on Facebook and Instagram. And in doing so, they expose themselves to a different set of challenges and dangers. Some obvious, others not so much. One situation we’d like to single out, […]

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Toughest Mile of the AT

A little more than a week ago a few of the guides were hiking in Mahoosuc Notch just east of the Maine-New Hampshire border. That one of us would be guiding this section of the Appalachian Trail soon was purely coincidental — the fellahs were simply helping owner Mike Cherim “work” on his personal “redlining” mission. Assigned to lead today’s for-hire companion hike was Redline Guide […]

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Franconia Ridge Traverse

There’s a chance we’re doing something right since a number of our guests keep returning to us to do or learn more. It’s getting to be a thing. And because of this we’re ecstatic. Welcome back, we say. Let’s have some fun. That’s what happened August 2nd: a day of fun for a returning guest, Tom, who went out with Redline Guide Arlette Laan recently on […]

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Orange Canister Hike

Or to more properly quote our returning guest and New England Hundred Highest pursuer, Bob, “Orange [F-expletive] Canister Hike.” We’ll credit Bob for coming up with an original name, but we know many have given this tight, gnarly bushwhack to New Hampshire’s infamous Scar Ridge very similar monikers. Of which at least half include the same sensored word to describe the ascent of this 3775-foot Mountain […]

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