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Exploring NH Mountains, Day 2

The whole gang on the ledges.

Returning to our trilogy, the family visiting from North Carolina — remember them, Brad, Paige, daughter Chelsea, and Lily — is at it again. This time Redline Guide Ken Hodges takes them to see not one, but two mountains from the aforementioned 52 With-A-View list. Two mountains… is that correct?

They requested a later start so Ken choosing two mountains might seem questionable at first, but he was smart in that he picked two that allowed a lot of flexibility in terms of how much hiking would actually occur. And as it turned out, since the timing was tighter, they ended up putting just one more peak on their done list instead of both. Well played, Ken.

Here is a summary of their account.

Day Two: Hedgehog Mountain, Elevation 2532′

Specifically, Ken decided on the 2532-foot Hedgehog Mountain via the UNH Trail loop. The optional second mountain, had the group wanted, would have been to also hike up the 2680-foot Mt Potash via the Mt Potash Tail. There is no wrong choice here. Both mountains offer stunning views, fun trails, and being that they both start and finish at the same trailhead, as mentioned it allows for a lot of flexibility.

Ken offers us this summary…

On Wednesday, August 23rd, round 2 for our visiting family from the south. I took our guests Brad, Paige, daughter Chelsea, and Lily the pup on a hike to Mt. Hedgehog. Though only 2532-feet, Hedgehog offers amazing views from its sunny ledges. It surely delivered today with stunning views under sunny skies and pleasant hiking temps in the 70s. Hedgehog has a unique perspective of being surrounded by the Sandwich Range as well as many other peaks off in the distance which gave our guests a definite wow factor. All in all they had another great day in the Whites. Onward to hike day 3 in a few days. —Ken Hodges

…and some terrific photos, as shown:

They make their way onto the famed Hedgehog ledges.

Made it!

Guide Ken enjoys his time with them.

Another awesome New Hampshire mountain in the books.

Well done, everyone! What a great day it was!

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