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Washington on a Whim

Amazing day in the mountains. Guest, Lesli from North Carolina, enjoying one of the “Lakes.”

Seems like just the day before yesterday when we announced the addition of our newest Redline Guide, Jeffrey Shutak. Next thing you know he is answering the call of duty when a sudden and spontaneous request to be guided to the summit of New England’s tallest peak comes in late yesterday. We pride ourselves in being there and we were there for this request as well.

This one had a twist, though. Our job was lead a hiker safely to the summit of the mountain… then leave her there! That’s right, this is not a typographical error. This, in fact, is the second time this year something like this has occurred! We used love telling people how we always get our people off the mountain, but now we can’t. Now what do we have to say for ourselves?! Oh, my.

In the case of our guest, Lesli, her goal was to attain the summit of Mt Washington on foot, then meet her husband there. He, Jeffrey was told, would bring spirits (Vodka sounds familiar), some of which she would consume. Apparently it works better than Advil. Together with her husband, they rode the Cog back to the base. Jeffrey walked.

Jeffrey, descending in 48 minutes, actually beat the train down and was able to collect her gear at the bottom. He had been moving along all day. Lesli was quite the hiker. Together the reached the summit in well under four hours.

A New Experience

Leading for Redline Guiding was a first-time experience for Jeff (not leading, just doing it for us) and he sad it far exceeded his expectations. He enjoyed the entire spectrum of leadership and teaching. Combined with climbing his favorite mountain for the sixty-second time on a perfect weather day was the highlight of his week.

Jeffrey took some photos along the way and has shared them here. Thank you. Enjoy!

Jeffrey shares a hidden gem: Ammo Gorge.

Worth the detour.

The Gem Pool isn’t hidden.

Lesli at the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds Hut.

The iconic warning. We’re all smiles on a day like this one.

Made it… congratulations to both of you. And Jeffrey… well done on your first tour with Redline Guiding!

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