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With Gratitude

We’re thankful for both our guests and our guides. It is this amazing combination that is magic, and it would never work otherwise. We do not take this for granted and realize we are quite simply, blessed for both — and so much more. Recently we have come to learn (or be reminded) that this thankfulness works in more than one direction. Sure, our guests say awesome things about us, and we say awesome things about them, but recently we’re reminded that their gratitude may sometimes soar off the charts of comprehension. This is one of those times. So while we are quite thankful for you, dear reader, sometimes, in the eyes of some, we also matter a lot. It’s yet another thing we’re grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This photo was taken by Redline Guide Ken Hodges during a very important hike on Mt Lafayette recently. Ken and his single guest summited the 5242′ mountain. They didn’t have long views on that day, but they saw what they needed to see.

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