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Wildcat DNA

Our guests were poised to go after Owls Head, but the crazy flow gage rates on the Pemi signaled to us that that mountain was a no-go. Even with the Black Pond Bushwhack, we were afraid that upper-most Lincoln Brook crossing might just be too dangerous, and finding that out after such a long hike would be a bummer. The smart money was on waiting on that and instead doing something else. It’s at this point we gave the floor to Redline Guide Chase Hall. All things considered, and keeping the location close to the original spot, Chase suggested a Fliberty hike getting there via Osseo. While it was a good idea, the guests opted instead for Wildcat D and A… DNA. They did it in that order, too, though they did not ascend the ridge via the Wildcat Ridge Trail as we recently did, opting instead for the ski trail, both ways.

Chase commented it was a fun hike overall — and being fun is something he tends to on all his hikes. On this one, he stated there was lot of family talk and it had a good family vibe. He enjoyed watching the dynamics unfold, seeing the members of this private party play off of each other. Photos of the peak bagging members of this group aren’t being posted due to photo restrictions, but here are a few landscapes.

Nice job, team. Owls Head awaits. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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