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Opportunities to Learn

This weekend was another of the series of “confidence building” backpacking trips Redline Guide Arlette “Apple Pie” Laan has been offering. There’s been a fair amount of interest so as long as that remains, she’s inclined to teach and to share. This weekend had a fairly narrow weather window, but as predicted everyone was safe and they got out before the deluge by packing up and leaving quickly. In unsettled conditions, or on exceptionally difficulty hikes, when taken on as a member of a team among friends, well, sometimes those memories are the sweetest. Here’s Arlette’s synopsis along with a bunch of photos.

The most rewarding aspect of leading backpacking trips is helping participants reach their goals. Whether it’s obtaining a peak for a peak bagging list or gaining more confidence in going out by themselves or with friends. This weekend I had one returning guest who had changed out her heavy, ill-fitting pack to a lighter, better one, and who had taken my advice on not carrying a full 3 liter water bladder on a well watered route. She instead carried one liter and a filter. After this experience, she’s become more confident in crossing streams and setting up her tent. And she is making plans on going out with a fellow returning guest who is also getting more confident and learning to trust her gear and herself.
The weather and trail conditions were not great but they were good learning opportunities. Handling wet rocks and roots and careful foot placement were practiced. Proper stream crossing techniques were executed. A new guest also had plenty to learn and it was so great to see them all succeed.
Rainy backpacking trips may not be the easiest but you sure can learn a lot from them! —Arlette


But wait, there’s more…

No matter the conditions, Arlette, it always looks fun! Great job, all. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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