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Sometimes guests come to us looking for a pleasant hike with a focus on the “ahhh factor” or other in-kind experience. Maybe a gentle walk in the woods, or perhaps a light day finding some lower summit. On other days they show up and we learn they’re tough-as-nails Muay Thai artists who want the day to be a cut above the norm. To exercise all eight limbs, so to speak. This was one of those other days and the artists in this case was just one woman from New York.

On assignment for this lead was Redline Guide Howard Aronson. We felt it’d be a good pairing. Howard loves to work hard and maintain his fitness. The objective for the day was going to be Mt Washington (6288′), the route not fully determined yet. The guest started asking about Huntington Ravine, but we felt that would be best left for another day — things are so wet, the crossing alone might have been a pain, too dangerous and difficult.

Howard decided to lead her up a more roundabout way, one longer but with a lot fewer people and even more interest and beauty. Tougher. They opted for the Direttissma Trail to the Glen Boulder Trail, then continued onto the Davis Path, Boott Spur, Lawn Cut-Off, Tuckerman Ravine Trail, to the Mt Washington summit. To round things out, the team descended via the Lion Head and Tuckerman Ravine Trails completing the day. Talk about variety. Good creativity.

She had an unbelievable time, and it was an awesome day for hiking, with a few clouds, some sun, and cool breezes above tree line. She had a big smile on her face when she started, and an even bigger one when it was over. I know she’ll be a returning guest to Redline Guiding. —Howard

(We did not verify the statement above, but we absolutely believe it’s 100% true. These mountains, you know?)

Great job, Howard. Great job, team. To our guest, thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

Image Source (female Muay Thai artist silhouette): Action Vector by Vecteezy.

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