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Retreat from the Heat

This is a post about what has become an annual event: The Kara Duval Pilates Retreat organized through Solseed Retreats. The objective is always the same, to hike a mountain, test ourselves on New Hampshire’s rugged trails, all with the intention of summiting. This time, however, due to high water levels thanks to a particularly raining year so far and extreme heat and humidity, we changed up the plan leading the group to Arethusa Falls (one of the tallest waterfalls in New Hampshire). Not only was the hike a little easier, it offered a nice reward in its cooling waters. A retreat from the heat, so to speak. On lead for this trip were Redline Guides Mike Cherim, Pat Ferland, Howard Aronson, and Chase Hall. Mike grabbed some footage during the trip and put together the video below. Enjoy!

And here are a few photos of the day…

Great job, everyone! Thanks goes to Kara Duval and Solseed Retreats, keeping the adventure going!

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