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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Will A.I. Hike Our Hikes?

The technology of Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is permeating our lives. But is it taking over? Will it write our words, read our texts, and speak our minds? Well, yes, it already is. We hear the drone and oddly flat speech of A.I. generated voiceovers daily now — it was a lot more uncommon until recently. There’s been a surge. We also see A.I. generated imagery […]

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More Education Posts?

We hardly ever post on our blog about our Educational classes. There’s not even a category for it, at least at the time of this writing. We’ve been stuffing them, when we do produce then, under the Trips category like the many Adventures we write about. It’s not the best call on our part, thinking from a search engine’s perspective, we should buckle down and write […]

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Echo Lake Wedding

The couple hoped for a May 23rd, 2023 Rim Trail wedding on Cannon Mountain, but the tram hadn’t been opened yet so they asked us to think of some other spots, noting Echo Lake. This was probably for the best. Up there the wind would have been howling and we would have froze. Redline Guide and in-house wedding photographer Mike Maciel even went on an advanced […]

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Springing into Action

Not your typical spring Monday. While Redline Guide Ken Hodges was teaching one student Digital Navigation — sending her husband photos of the locations she tracked — and while Redline Guide and NH JP Mike Cherim was officiating a wedding way up in Dummer, NH, Redline Guide Pat Ferland was giving the first Rock Climbing Intro course of the season. For more on the rock intro, […]

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Foss Mountain Wedding

The couple penned their own wedding ceremony — a cool option — basing their script on what we refer to as our “custom vows” (*.docx). In their version they spoke of hardships and struggles, obstacles and issues, getting to where they were was apparently no small feat. In said script they also spoke of literally walking through dust and ash. Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim […]

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Spring Training for Life

Thank you. We learned a lot and had fun doing it! Two people came to us, repeats visiting us again, in fact. They a young-at-heart couple married for a whopping 45 years, and with big things on their joint to-do list. Stuff like the Long Trail (LT) as a warm up, then the Appalachian Trail (AT) as thing one. Need more? Well, we’ll ask them after […]

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River Cross Training

Viewing streams and waterfalls when we hike is just one of the many perks of the sport. Hiking trails will often follow the gentle meander established by nature keeping hikers close to the action. Close but separate — which is best in the interests of convenience and safety. Eventually the combining of waterways and trails, however, will cause hikers to have to cross over or walk […]

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