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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Ski Exploration

Contrary to the advice of Redline Guide Dominic Torro, one guest bailed on his planned backcountry ski tour due to iffy weather and questionable ground conditions. We get it. But another person — at the right time and place — was eager to fill the sudden void left behind. The replacement skier was less concerned about the weather and ground conditions and just wanted to get […]

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The word “extremely” defines the day on many levels. It was extremely wild, yet extremely mild, all at the same time. Redline Guide Will Murphy summed it up in a message sent near the end of the day of their planned Mt Washington ascent. The short message simply read: “60+, 2deg, -33F” which we took to mean the winds were cranking at over sixty miles per […]

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The Two-Day Plan… Extended

What began as a typical two-day Winter Mt Washington climb ended up being unintentionally extended a bit. Day one went well enough, the training being well-delivered by Redline Guide Mike Maciel. On day two, however, things were amiss. Our guest felt ill. Like ill-ill, not butterflies-in-the-tummy-ill. Ill to the point of knowing they would be unable to make their attempt (and would later be able to […]

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Dissolution of Winter

The recent announcement from the Seasonality Division of the USDA made us panic, initially, until we realized nothing is really changing that affects us any more than we’re already being affected naturally. The reported change is simply a new naming convention which, according to the USDA/SD spokesperson, Rafael Maduro, “will better match our reality now that the effects of climate change become inarguable.” He also added, […]

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