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Monthly Archives: January 2023

“Skills and Mt Washington”

Around here hearing someone mention “skills and Mt Washington” is not uncommon. It’s a term you often hear in the Mt Washington Valley, at least in the guide community. It refers to a commonly-offered training-followed-by-summit-attempt model. The training being winter/mountaineering skills, and the summit attempt being on the notorious-although-only-6288′ Mt Washington, complete with its psycho weather. It wasn’t like that on this tour led by Redline […]

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Student Becomes Teacher

Several years ago Redline Guide Mike Cherim was in training mode, preparing for a new career as a mountain guide. He utilized several avenues in his education and approach. One avenue led him through the AMC NH Chapter’s Trip Leader program. With this Chapter Mike took several classes, then later helped teach at Cardigan Lodge. He eventually became an AMC Class 1 Leader — meaning he […]

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Good Buddies

How do buddies become good buddies? They train for it. That’s what happened on this day: we offered some training — a Hiking Intro (Winter Version) — for the Hiking Buddies NH 48 group on Facebook. On duty for this awesome and well-received event were Redline Guides Mike Cherim, Mike Maciel, and Brian Wasiewski. To the guides and students alike, great job one and all. Here […]

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Delivering the Goods

The original plan was to go snowshoeing with two guests from Massachusetts and to arrive at a nice location like a mountain summit, for example, in time to view the 4:17PM sunset. In the lead for this assignment was Redline Guide Tim Jones. With Tim — known by the team for his extensive planning and preparation — we tossed around several solid ideas. At least they […]

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The Best of 2022

We’d love to tell you climate change has slowed significantly, that U.S. political parties are uniting for common causes, vowing for once to serve the people who voted them into their respective offices, that Covid is a fading memory, and we produced at least two stellar articles every month. Sadly, though, none of this is true as of the time of this writing. And as much […]

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