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Point to Point Perfect

Some hikes are what we call “out-‘n’-backs” if the route takes us… well, out and back. Others are what we refer to as “loop hikes” (sometimes with a common lollipop stem, so to speak, from which the loop is formed). Those are obviously named as such because they start and end in the same place like the out-‘n’-back type. But unlike the out-‘n’-back, the loop style is hiked in one direction. Another style of hike is a “point-to-point” or “traverse” hike meaning the route travels from one point to another, none of it repeated. This is usually facilitated by dropping a car at the end-point before leaving from the starting-point (hey, don’t forget your keys). Other options exist, too, like hitchhiking or planting a bike.Point to point is what Redline Guide Brian Wasiewski decided on for a returning guest. “Returning” in that he was with us just last week, with that trip also led by Brian (sorry, no blog post or photos for that one). It was his first hike ever! That trip was a half day jaunt to Tuckerman Ravine (an out-‘n’-back). This traverse was the Moats. Brian led them past Diana’s Baths (checked them out) and continued on up the lovely Red Ridge. Once on the Moat Mountain Trail at the ridge crest, the team headed south grabbing Middle Moat (elv. 2805′) and South Moat (elv. 2770′) Mountains before descending. What a great day to take that on, as the photos below will show, but first this:

It was a great day for a point to point hike. It was second time this guest has hiked in his lifetime (first time with us, too). It had a little bit of everything with rock scrambles, […] the beauty of Diana’s Baths, and also the breathtaking views from the Moats. We had a great day seeing Conway from a different perspective. I believe we made a lifelong hiker out of our guest! —Brian

One of the many falls at Diana’s Baths.

Starting upward.

Some of the rewards of Red Ridge.

Stuck in the Middle

Stunning landscape.

South Moat.

Brian hard at work in his office.

Some remaining views as they descend.

Nearing the end.

Great lead, Brian. And to our guest, thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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