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A Peakbagger’s Battle for #27

We could re-tell this story of trial and triumph supplied with such telling information, but we’re instead going to let Redline Guide Mike Maciel convey his information directly to you. His narrative will be followed by a few photos that he took of their trip.

A many time returning seasonal guest has come back for another winter season as she works towards her 48 4000-footers.
After a stressful drive up in less-than-stellar conditions, the team decided to switch from a Fliberty (Flume and Liberty) Loop, to instead cleaning up an old loose end by bagging the 4285′ Mt Willey.
There are no easy days in the White Mountains, but we all know sometimes it’s just not your day. Today was one of those days for our guest from the minute she left her house. A battle. The days when you hit the gas but there’s nothing there. When every step feels like you have weights on your feet.
These can also be some of the most fulfilling days. When you think you can’t, but then prove that you can.
She stuck with it, and now has number 27 of 48 to show for it. Well done. —Mike


Both sides of the tracks are right. There is no wrong side of the tracks in the mountains.

Kedron Flume is a welcome milestone. And a pretty one at that as it overlooks the foot of Crawford Notch.

Willey’s infamous ladders. They keep many on their toes.

We’d be lying if we told you getting here was easy. It wasn’t.

What goes up must come down… in a precise, methodical, and totally controlled manner, please.

Great work team, and to our guest who dug deep for this, you done good. Thanks for adventuring with us!

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